510 students are enrolled

K4–12th grade

$14M 7th–12th grade building

Opening fall 2019

#6 in the FHSAA Sunshine State

Cup 2A Private Schools

  • Martin White (Class of 2021)

    How did our family come to join the Geneva community? When our oldest Martin was two years old, we were talking at the playground with some good neighborhood friends of ours about school options. They were leaving to check out a prestigious school even though the boys were just two. We tagged along and that night we fell in love with The Geneva School. We were captured by the philosophy and curriculum and our only disappointment was that we had to wait until Martin was four to enroll him!

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  • Alec Ortiz (Class of 2022)

    Rhetoric has sometimes been described as the art of moving souls. The Geneva School strives to give each student the ability to think well, using wisdom and discernment, and to polish and refine his/her oral and writing skills to communicate winsomely.

    Alec Ortiz, a current eighth grader, came to The Geneva School when he was four years old. His family loves to reminisce about one of the seminal moments that confirmed the value of the education he is receiving.

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  • Abigail Bowser (Class of 2030)

    The Bowser family says they weren’t looking for a school for their daughter, but rather, The Geneva School found them! Katherine Bowser explains how they found TGS and the impact the school is having on their daughter Abigail.

    We spent last year home schooling with a classical education homeschool community. It was a really wonderful experience and I thought we would probably always home school. Christian classical education is very important to us and I thought that home schooling would be the best way to give that to my children.

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  • Keira Raesly (4th Grade Teacher)

    Keira Raesly is our beloved fourth grade lead teacher and it’s easy to see why her students love being in her class.

    I wanted to be able to teach the whole child and help cultivate both the heart and mind within each student. I was longing for a place where teaching was both mission and profession. I have that at Geneva.

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  • Andrew Nelson (Science Teacher)

    Andrew Nelson—upper school physical science and chemistry teacher, star of the faculty basketball team, and faculty head of the House of Wittenberg—understands he is privileged not only to teach, but also to mentor. He spent a year teaching in another school, but lamented that he was unable to help the students make one of the most significant connections—the one between chemistry and the God of chemistry. “I wasn’t permitted to highlight the beauty of creation through the world of chemistry. I love the fact that exploring the smallest parts of creation gives us a larger view of God.

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Upcoming Events

April 2019

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  • Schedule A
  • Moms in Prayer
  • 8th & 9th Gr - College & Curriculum Night
  • Schedule B
  • GS Chapel
  • DR Chariot Race
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  • ERB Testing
  • Moms in Prayer
  • ERB Testing
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  • K - Visit from Audubon Birds of Prey
  • ERB Testing
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  • D/R Mentor Groups
  • ERB Testing
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  • Fathers Watch (1st Shift)
  • Schedule A
  • 12th Gr - Senior Thesis Presentations
  • 2nd Gr - Exodus Play Performance
  • Schedule A
  • 6th Gr - Washington DC Trip
  • Baseball Home Game vs. Merritt Island Christian
  • 6th Gr - Washington DC Trip
  • Schedule B
  • Joint Chapel (Easter)
  • 6th Gr - Washington DC Trip
  • Schedule C
  • 3rd Gr - Purim Day
  • Schedule A
  • 5th Gr - Williamsburg Trip
  • Moms in Prayer
  • 5th Gr - Williamsburg Trip
  • 81 Min Assembly
  • Honor Society Inductions

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